louise krampien
Manifest Destiny
Shortly after graduate school, I moved to Portland Oregon and started a new job as an Instructor and Research Technician at Bullseye Glass Company. While working in the Research and Education department, I learned a great deal about a material that was previously foreign to me. Before long, I became a main Instructor and assistant for Print and Glass based workshops. It was in this environment that I met fellow print artist and coworker Stacy Lynn Smith. While working with each other, Stacy and I had discussions and shared ideas about print and glass exhibitions and projects; one of those was to organize the first (to our knowledge) printmaking exchange in glass.

We put together a proposal, and hand picked a list of artists that we felt would showcase many of the strongest practitioners of print and glass. The intent of the exchange was to foster new connections and thoughts, to strengthen the print and glass community, and to introduce this rich material to the greater printing community as well.

The proposal was accepted by Bullseye Gallery and the exchange will be exhibited at the Bullseye Bay Area Gallery. The exhibition will run from January 18th through April 12 2014, in conjunction with the 2014 Southern Graphics Council International printmaking conference in San Francisco.

Participating Artists include:

Silvia Levenson
Kate Baker
Jeremy Scidmore
Julie Alland
Catharine Newell
Morgan Madison
Joseph Cavalieri
Stacy Lynn Smith
Louise krampien