louise krampien
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T Project
In this body of photographic work, I hope to explore the effects that urban living has on its inhabitants. Coming from a much more rural environment, it is very interesting how certain reactions occur to people when they are forced to live literally one on top of another. Living in such close quarters with strangers, and encountering thousands each day on streets, in shops, or on public transportation, causes an interesting tension between people that does not seem to exist in rural living. In this series, started while living in Boston in 2007, I explore the effects that riding public transportation has on its passengers. Like sardines in a can, people riding public transit inevitably end up touching and looking at strangers in ways they never would out of the context. There is an immense feeling of voyeurism that inevitably fosters in these situations, as an individuals plane of view is inhibited. It is very intriguing that despite the fact that everyone is doing the same action (travel) that the immediate response to being exposed to this situation is one of social withdrawal. I hope to explore these tendencies in my work, as well as the inherent feeling of disconnect that seems to occur.