louise krampien
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Captivating Identity
I am fascinated by insistent self-questioning, and what it can reveal about ones identity. I enjoy the exploration of how such mental uneasiness can manifest itself physically. Previously my work has been primarily large-scale woodcut self-portraits. As an avid animal lover, and with my pets alongside me in the studio, these familiar animals inevitably emerged throughout the portraits.

In this particular body of work, I have honed my subject matter to the animal itself. I am interested in the identity, limits, and struggles of these animals. Who are these animals? Where do they come from? Why are they here? Why do they behave this way? What can’t they do, and why can’t they do it? In this exhibition, I portray two bodies of work. One series is primarily based on the specific subject animals physical limitations, while the other series was inspired by research of captive animals who had attacked their handlers or keepers (either intentionally or unintentionally) resulting in severe injury or death to the handler.

While examining the limitations of my subjects, I have allowed myself to break free from my rigid print practice and to display my original drawings in their raw form. By allowing myself to execute images in a much more immediate and free manner I found that such direct image making was very wild and satisfying, and lent itself directly to my imagery.