louise krampien
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The works in Interiors are an examination on how the events, people, animals and objects from both my youth and my adulthood continue to, shape the person I am as an adult. Effects of loss, and gaining in loss, are analyzed. Some works utilize quaintly masochistic imagery depict the balance of positive and negatives in life, while others illustrate the very idiosyncratic notions of self-examination and self –diagnostics as a whole.

Previously, my self-portraits have been large scale, meticulously carved woodcut prints depicting these scenes. The process of print is inseparable from my experiences since the nature of print harbors innumerable minute decisions. My particular interest with these prints has been with the effort to create woodcut prints that defy the typical marks and style of woodcuts. I now incorporate glass into my studio practice for similar reasons. I employ kiln-cast powdered glass in a number of these works, as I am attracted to this material in large part because it has a hidden identity, or upbringing, that lies within its manufacturing process. This material has been through numerous physical transformations and I enjoy the cathartic process of making this material appear whole once more. In this body of work, the capacity for printmaking and kiln glass processes to simultaneously conceal and reveal harmoniously is elemental. Inconspicuous unnecessary struggle continues to play a major role in both the imagery and process of the work included in Interiors.